A highlight of the annual Unity in the Community celebration is the Cultural Villages. Unity is the Community is in it’s 30th year and the Cultural Village will be ready to showcase the many cultures that are represented in Spokane.

In the past we have had villages debuting representing countries such as Germany, India, Colombia, Burma, Bulgaria, Turkey, Persia, Tonga, The Federated States of Micronesia, South Africa, and West Africa. Some villages have been here since the Cultural Village debut in 2006 — The Scandinavian villages, Hmong, Mexico, China, American Indian, just to name a few.

The cultural villages section will feature a stage where there will be performances & storytelling from different cultures.

Our cultural village main entrance is lined with flags representing many countries. Each child who comes through the village entrance will be given a passport. They will take this passport to each village and it will be stamped as they go through them. The passport can then be used to get school supplies for children in grades K – 8.

Most people who live in Spokane will never set foot in many of these countries. We are pleased to be able to bring some of these countries to you.

If you would like to organize a village for your culture or to get more information, contact us at nwunity@icloud.com or download an application and submit it.

Interested in taking part in the event? Click here.